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Art, Design & Production

Over the years, Gantec Publishing has built an excellent reputation with publishers for providing Art, Design and Production services for K-12 and Higher Education markets.Our Creative Art Team consists of Technical Artists and Creative Artists.

Technical Artists are experts at developing Charts, Graphs, Maps, Complex Tables, 2 D and 3D Engineering drawings, chemical structures & formulas and complex math and aeronautics based drawings ( for Technical Illustrations Portfolio Please click here )

Creative Artists work very closely with editorial teams to conceptualize and produce high quality illustrations for multiple subjects and disciplines. This team also works very closely with our Digital Expressions and eLearning teams. (for Creative Illustrations Portfolio Please click here )


Gantec’s design team delivers creative and innovative design concepts for print & online media for book publishers. From concept to completion, our team works with you very closely to achieve your design goals based on your branding guidelines.

  • Prototyping
  • Cover Design
  • Page Design & Template Design
  • Product Design
  • Content Localization
  • Web Design for eLearning & Rich Media


Production & Prepress

Gantec’s experienced global production teams have delivered hundreds of projects successfully on time, on budget, and with high quality for our customers, delivering great cost savings through the global delivery model. Our Production services include:

  • Project management from manuscript to final delivery of files to printer
  • Implementation of customized workflows for each project
  • Management of production workflows through content management  systems such as Documentum and Woodwing
  • Typesetting from manuscripts or author supplied files
  • Page templates, standardizing text and editorial changes
  • Merging art & text
  • File management and PDF optimization for print & online media
  • Production expertise in InDesign, Quark Xpress and many other softwares.

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