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Digital Expressions

Gantec’s Digital Expressions Team is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and software. This team works closely with book and catalog publishers from concept to final delivery of the digitized content.

Interactive Multimedia / White Board / App Development

Our Digital Expressions Team works closely with publishers to create rich multimedia ancillary products that compliment the textbooks and works and improve the complete learning experience. We also work with publishers to explore creating new revenue streams from legacy content. Multimedia product development that is based on legacy content has been a big source of revenue of publishers. Gantec’s Digital Expressions Team has worked with publishers in converting their print books to eBooks with embedded multimedia features and interactivity to create an exciting learning experience. Our skills in these areas include:

  • CD ROM / App Development for
  • ( iPhone/ iPad OS/ Andorid / Windows )
  • Story Boarding and Script Writing
  • Creative Illustrations,
  • Animation
  • Voice / Video Integration
  • Content Management & Production
  • Interactivity/ Game Development
  • Tests / Assessments / Exercises
  • Interactive White Board Courseware Development


eBooks & Mobile Applications

Gantec Publishing has built proprietary tools and templates to rapidly convert traditional legacy files, available in multiple formats into popular epub, Flash, Mobi and eReaders formats. Over the years, Gantec has converted thousands of books for publishers so that they are now available at popular bookstores and as downloads on Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook and, Sony Reader.

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