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Data Transformation

Data Transformation is one of the core proficiency areas of Gantec Publishing Solutions. We serve a diverse array of clients across the publishing spectrum: educational, legal and STM. Our goal is to provide ongoing efficiency, gains, and cost savings for our clients in this data-intensive market. We understand that each digitization project has its own unique requirements to which we tailor our solutions.

Gantec Publishing’s trained production staff and experienced project management and client support professionals guarantee outstanding quality, accelerated turnaround and enhanced economic value. Over time, we have built several tools and techniques to convert materials from any source to an extensive array of formats such as XML,SGML, HTML, XHTML, PDF, TEXT, TXT, Word, DOC, RTF, Image and XLS etc.

Gantec’s combination of data entry and automated techniques allows us to effectively convert any of following material to the exact format you need:

  • Hardcopy, TIFFs, PDFs or other digital images, and most electronic sources
  • Newsprint, journals, books
  • Author manuscripts
  • Research papers


Gantec has extensive experience in providing content tagging and metatagging to support specialized requirements in a number of industries including STM, aerospace, and engineering industries.

Our Process:

  • Documents are received via FTP, CDs and DVDs, hard copy, or any other convenient format.
  • Documents are analysed and Gantec team members prepare specifications based on client requirements, samples are then prepared for client review.
  • Gantec further refines the samples upon receiving feedback, until all parties agree on what the results need to look like.
  • A production line is started to deliver converted documents according to client specifications and schedules.


Gantec guarantees:

The Best Quality
With our rich experience in data conversion projects and use of the latest tools, we can assure quality conversion from 97% to 99% depending on input data quality.

Fast Turn Around Time
We are flexible and able to provide you with a fast turn-around time and adjust our project schedule accordingly to fit your work schedule depending on your project requirements. We also provide services to upload this converted data into your online web databases

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