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Gantec Publishing Solutions transforms the way people read on the Internet. Working with magazine and catalog publishers, we find ways to leverage traditional print material for optimized use online.

We provide our publishers with a service that reduces their costs while simultaneously expanding the reach and effectiveness of their materials. In doing so, the readers of our digital editions enjoy a media-rich experience that returns them to our publishers time and time again.

Our digital production team works closely with customers from strategy to launch, with ongoing management to ensure success of their print and digital communications. Our in-house developed; feature-rich software products Gantec eMag and Gantec eCap are designed to address the digital needs of magazine publishers. Gantec eMag is designed to exactly replicate print-based magazines and to deliver exact digital clones to readers and subscribers. The eCap is a highly sophisticated eMail campaign management tool designed to deliver the digital editions to readers and subscribers. Our services for magazine & catalog publishers include:

  • Composition/Graphic Design/Template Creation/Digital Proofing
  • Art & Photo Rendering/Image Manipulation
  • Pre-Press and Final PDF Creation for CTP
  • Digital Publication Creation and Distribution
  • Online Publishing Mobile Distribution
  • CD/DVD Production
  • E Mail Delivery Services for Publishers, Subscribers and Advertisers
  • Digital Payment Solutions
  • Subscriber Database Management
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics


These products and services, combined with our hybrid global delivery model, are helping magazine and catalog customers save costs and increase shareholder value.

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