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About Us

Gantec Publishing Solutions was established in 2004 as a division of Gantec Corporation, a leading Business-to-Business Software Solutions and Information Technology provider. Our vision at the time of inception was to bring our extensive experience in solving businesses’ new online challenges to the rapidly changing Media and Publishing Industry.

The growing demand for digital solutions including eContent development, distributions and content access across multiple mediums not only poses a challenge to publishers but offers an opportunity for the creation of new revenue streams. Gantec Publishing Solutions’ experience and expertise in eMedia and technology makes these opportunities a reality.

Established in 2007 as an independent company, Gantec Publishing Solutions now partners with leading publishers around the world crafting innovative solutions to help cut production costs, save time on new product development, monetize legacy content and open new revenue streams through globalization and electronic distribution, all ultimately increasing their bottom line and securing their growth potential.

Our end-to-end solutions package includes: Editorial, Design, Art, and Production, eBooks, Interactive Text/Work Books and eLearning services. With a wealth of technology experience and publishing knowledge, we provide our customers with a complete e-publishing plan that is executed as a successful component of their personal organizational strategy.

Our Approach


Our team works hard to earn your trust by providing the right solutions to complex business scenarios, setting realistic expectations, providing timely and accurate information, meeting deadlines and achieving all goals.


We work with our customers as true partners to develop a deep understanding of their business needs, expectations and challenges. This understanding helps us craft customized solutions that address each of our customer’s specific goals resulting in greater returns on investment for their products and technology.


When you partner with Gantec Publishing Solutions for any service, you can expect complete operational visibility for your project. Our Teams report the status on each task or deliverable and provide accurate, up to date information about the overall status of project from start to finish. This helps the stake holders or business users develop confidence in the system, which is a cornerstone for any successful implementation. Our primary goal is to help our customers cut costs, increase profits, and reduce time to market schedules.

Everyone at Gantec Publishing Solutions understands that our existence depends on the value we provide our customers and for this we will continually examine and reinvent ourselves to offer the best, most innovative and cost-effective solutions in the industry.

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