How Big Data Helps Digital Publishers Boost Revenue and Retain Customers?

Big Data & Publishing Industry

The media and entertainment industries have constantly been at the forefront of adopting new technologies. The key business problems that drive media companies to look at big data capabilities are the huge operational costs in an ever-increasing competitive landscape. But now, digital publishers yearn to generate more revenue from delivering content and data through multiple platforms.

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How BPO’s Improve Customer Service Using Chatbots?

The chatbot technology continues toevolve into more humanly over time and this is imploringseveralbusinesses todayto discoverwhat thesechatbotshave to offer and how to achieve newermilestonesusing them. Business Insider recently stated that, “80% of businesses will be using AI chatbots by 2020. Businesses from all over the world spent nearly $1.3 trillion/year to serve around 265 Billion of customer service requests.”

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5 Key Advantages of Partnering with IT Staffing Solutions Company

Staffing companies help businesses manage the end-to-end recruitment process. Partnering with an IT staffing solutions firm yields greater benefits for businesses whichare not equipped with necessary resources, time, and expertise to carry out the recruitment processes. Currently, several global enterprises prefer IT staffing solutions over traditional hiring methods, since they tend to offer greater advantages such

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How AI is revolutionizing the Digital Publishing Industry?

Technology and its upgrade have caused breakthroughs in different sectors at different points of time. The digital publishing industry stands no exception. Robotics is being extensively used in the health sector. Digitization has already caused widespread change in the print publishing industry. Over the years, the internet has controlled the advancement in digitalization. With a 4G internet connection, watching videos

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