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5 Key Advantages of Partnering with IT Staffing Solutions Company

Staffing companies help businesses manage the end-to-end recruitment process. Partnering with an IT staffing solutions firm yields greater benefits for businesses which are not equipped with necessary resources, time, and expertise to carry out the recruitment processes. Currently, several global enterprises prefer IT staffing solutions over traditional hiring methods,since they tend to offer greater advantages such as, agility in recruitment, cost-effectiveness and high level of expertise. “More than three million temporary and contract employees work for America’s staffing companies during an average week’, estimates American Staffing Association, and their recently published statistics also reveal that, “in a course of one year, America’s staffing companies hire more than 14 million temporary and contract employees.”

Even the IT industry seems to witness a similar trend across the IT sector as scores of IT companies have turned to IT and Staffing solution firms for their recruiting needs. The primary reason for this trend can be pointed towards the fact that these consultant firms can hire skilled technical resources with much ease. Moreover, they also have ready-to-join resources at their immediate disperse, which acts as a big boon for several IT companies.

Listed below are the five key advantages of partnering with an IT staffing solutions company:

Cost – effective

The costs involved in hiring an in-house recruitment staff for hiring activity is comparatively higher against the costs incurred in hiring a firm with expertise in IT staffing solutions. Staffing firms own the complete responsibility of the total employment cycle, all the way from the initial screening to the background checking process. This measure ensures IT companies to save on their over all expenses of hiring activity.

Greater Contacts & Connections

Firms specializing in IT staffing solutions have a readily available pool of resources. The best part is, that they constantly keep in touch with reliable and trustworthy candidates, who are willing to join within a short period of notice. Because of their vast networking capabilities, IT staffing solutions companies can fill-in positions easily. This is an ideal option for IT companies that are looking to hire temporary or contract workers. Partnering with a staffing solutions firm will cut short the entire hiring process,since they are in-charge of the recruitment process from initial screening to final on-boarding.

High-level of Expertise

Companies that offer IT staffing solutions often provide technically feasible resource with a considerable high-level of expertise, which is entirely difficult to expect from internal HR teams due to resource constraints. Oftentimes, hiring a qualified candidate through an internal HR team consumes considerable amount of time and resources. When businesses avail the services of IT staffing solutions, it proves as a cost-effective alternate measure. Moreover, the whole recruitment process is expedited at a much faster pace. Additionally, it is often observed that recruitment specialists working for IT staffing companies have a better understanding about the latest trends and best practices prevalent in the industry.

Employee Retention and Quick Turnaround Time

Companies that partner with staffing solutions firm can hire temporary and have enough time to assess and monitor the overall performance and behavior of such employees. This helps them to decide whether to confirm such temp candidates into permanent roles, thus can avoid higher attrition rates. Businesses are always recommended to hire permanent as well as temporary workers using a staffing solution firm since it expedites the hiring process, saves costs and enhances the chance of securing the right candidates with good skills and experience.

Reduced Risk

The cost of a bad hireis surprisingly high, especially in the IT industry. Companies may end up spending up to $50,000 on just hiring and training a new employee. Here, the investment on a new hire is steep and the risk is far grave when businesses try to recruit an IT candidate on their own. Because, the overall hiring costs may shoot up even higher. But when partnered with an IT staffing firm, all the pre-screening and qualifying processes are pre-handled, leaving the employer to pick only from the top percentage of candidates. This way, businesses only get matched with the best candidates and the risksinvolved inon-boarding a bad hire is greatly reduced.

Final Thoughts

Mid-sized businesses often prefer to partner with firms offering staffing solutions, as they tend to be highly reliable and cost-effective for hiring candidates.Moreover, there are certain IT staffing solutions firms specializing in the recruitment of IT specialists based on domain expertise. In order to get the best out of a staffing solutions company, businesses must always opt for a reputed staffing solutions company that is backed with a good reputation and positive rating in the industry.

Gantec Publishing Solutions is one such renowned IT consultant services company that offers top-quality IT staffing solutions through various delivery models such as direct placement, contract-to-hire etc. We follow a rigorous hiring process where the candidates are thoroughly screened and are expected to pass out through several assessments before they are finalized and offered employment.

Gantec uses the following platforms for screening and sourcing process :

  • LinkedIn
  • Job Portals
  • Social Media
  • Networking
  • Internal Recruiting Database
  • Business Groups and Associations

We hire the perfect technical talent for your company with in a faster turnaround time. Our areas of focus include :

  • Identity & Access Mgmt.
  • Cyber security
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Managed Services
  • IT Staffing Services

Partner with Gantec today, and we will help your business to connect with technically competent resources. To know more about our IT consulting and staffing solutions, call us on +1 (847) 598-1144 or drop us an email at